Gener8 business GROWTH

There is a Universal Law which simply says "unless something is growing, it is dying". Not only does this apply to the living things on our planet, it also applies to every business in existence. A business is launched, it goes through a growth phase, then many get 'stuck' at a plateau and never continue the growth curve. Those who think their business is stable or sustainable while in that plateau are kidding themselves. Unless a business is growing at at least the rate of inflation each year, it is going backward or dying. We need to work at innovating and finding better ways to do things and work at sustaining growth year in and year out. If we don't, someone else who has doggedly focused on growth and innovation will overtake us, and we will soon be out of options or out of business. 

Let our award-winning team of experts support you to create a sustainable growth strategy for your business.

Gener8 more CASHFLOW

One of the most common questions we as accountants get asked is …. "I made money this year, so where is all the cash!?”.  We can help you understand the cyclical nature and vital importance of cash flow to your business. It is not always simply the amount of cash you have on hand but understanding the best times to utilise other people’s cash to assist in your business endeavours. The old adage “cash is king” is still around today because of the truth it contains - for any business to survive, cash flow is the single most important financial factor. Without positive cash flow to pay the bills, pay wages, invest in equipment and a host of other things, any business, no matter how promising the business model, will not survive.

Is YOUR business cash flow positive?  If so, we can help you create a plan to use that cash in the wisest fashion based on your goals and if not, we can help you sort out what you need to do to turn things around. 


Profitability is why we are in business. Without it, we will find ourselves out of business! In simple terms profitability is the difference between our income and our expenses. Profitability is the number that we are measured on. Our bank manager wants to know how profitable we are. Inland Revenue determine our tax based on our profits. The amount of cash we have available is a function of our profitability.

We know being in business is not a walk in the park. There are very real risks and effort required to be successful. So, allow us to support you to take better control of the numbers in your business. We'll handle the numbers so that you can get back to doing what you do best. We'll explain what you need to know in easy-to-understand terms and work alongside you to make improvements across a variety of areas that will help maximise your profitability.


Most people consider entry and exit to mean launching a new business or selling up and getting out of business. While that is generally the case, there are times when this may also refer to an individual business situation. For example, you may want assistance bringing on or exiting an employee. You may need help to pull together new requirements for your bank manager the next time you are seeking a loan. The business entity structure you operate within is also something that needs regular review as your business grows and develops. Finally, people also require assistance when entering into or exiting a relationship. Taking on a new partner or dissolving a partnership (business and otherwise) can have many financial and tax implications. 

Our team of professionals are highly skilled at supporting you to understand your options and choose the right one to suit your needs and goals.

Did you know that Gener8 can support you in several ways? We do much more than just accounting.

Is your team firing on all cylinders?
If not, we've got training and development programmes that can help.

Is your leadership style getting you the results you want?
The Certified leadership coaches at Gener8 Leadership Solutions can support you to develop a more effective style.

Too much mis-communication across your business?
The Certified Maxwell Method of DISC behavioural styles consultants at Gener8 Leadership Solutions can help your team learn how to communicate more effectively.

Associated with a Charity that requires regular Financial Review?
The specialised Reviewers on the team at Gener8 Reviewing Solutions can support them to remain compliant.